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I believe in gaining knowledge from wide range of sources.
Therefore, beginning from my childhood; I have changed more schools than my profile picture.
So technically, I list the ones I remember one by one.
(Whoa! I remember them all)

#1. St. Peter’s Academy, Allahabad.

I really don’t have good memories of this place since I cried the entire year I studied here. All I remember that it was a small school with really nice little classrooms; and a BAD, REALLY BAD security man who did not allow my mom to sit with me in class; and that's what made me cry.

St. Peter’s Academy is a primary school in Allahabad,UP.

#2. Boy’s High School Annexe, Allahabad.

Okay, this was huge! I hadn’t seen such a sprawling campus of a school in my entire little 4 year long life that I had lived. I remember every single bit of this place; and being a boys convent school, I remember that we did get strict punishments too.

BHS is a convent school in Allahabad, UP. It is well known for it's notable alumni including actor Amitabh Bachchan; and is one of the most reputed schools of India.

#3. Ryan International School, Bangalore.

I spent my early teenage years in Bangalore. This school, being my second home for my 5 year stay in Bangalore, has a special memory attached to it. I have made amazing friends, got to know new cultures, ate all kinds of delicacies (from other's lunch boxes, legally) and most importantly, developed my interest in Science. Maybe because of the teachers that taught us, I really started loving science.

Ryan International is a private school chain in like....most of the cities in India!
(McDonalds, Did you read this?)
Yeah, almost every inhabitable place in India consists of a Ryan School. (I am serious McD.)

#4. Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

An example of what I said in my last few lines of #3- Delhi is inhabited by humans, so it has a Ryan. Not one, but three. _Considering the National Capital Region, there are 10. Not funny. A day will come the earthlings will be replaced by Ryanites._
All apart, This, yes, the one I studied in; is a really nice school. Awesome teachers and amazing classmates. Undoubtedly, this place has created my personality; made me what I am today. (Although it is an entirely different story that I actually am nothing as of today) I have made friends, good friends, really good friends, and special friend. (Oh, That? I rate my friends and keep them into different categories, a highly evolved condition of selection sort).

#5. Delhi Technological University, Delhi.

This is what I am as of now. An undergrad, who recently cleared his JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, got into DTU to continue his study and some research on computer architecture and computer algorithms , but ended up doing this -- creating a webpage on GitHub. Yes, I represent a typical B.Tech undergrad of India.

Thank You for reading!

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